Frequently Asked Questions

What is DistroTag?
DistroTag is an item recovery service that makes use of coded identification tags that are attached to portable valuables such as keys, dongles, bags, wallets, etc to enable you recover your missing items when found using your unique tag ID.
Which types of tags are available?
There are three types of tags – KeyRing Tags, Luggage Tags, and Sticky Tags. Depending on application, and availability, any of these tags can be attached to the relevant item you plan to be recovered.
How do I subscribe to the service?
You can subscribe by ordering for the tag(s) and then choose subscription plan that suits your need. Subscription is annual, and can be automated through our auto-debit payment option. This ensures your tagged items remain covered by the service.
How do i get back my lost item?
The finder contacts DistroTag by any of phone call, SMS, email or by visiting the website to report the found item. Depending on your subscription plan, DistroTag facilitates the recovery and/or return of your found item(s).
What if the person decide not to return My Items?
Our efforts are to create a community of subscribers and finders, and our drive is to encourage good values within the society towards returning found missing items. Attaching a tag to your valuable is not a guarantee you will definitely get your item back, but it increases the chances of recovery, especially as we also offer incentives to finders who report found tagged items.
How many items can I attach to a tag?
A singular tag can be attached to a single item, e.g. bunch of keys, bag, umbrella, dongle. One subscription can however hold multiple tags, depending on your subscription type (i.e. between 1 to 4 tags per subscription).

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