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Distrotag Key Tag

Key Tags

₦ 2,150.00

Our survey revealed that 3 out of 5 people have lost their keys at least once. DistroTag will increase your chances of recovering your keys to over 90% when your keys are registered. Our KeyRing Tag is currently our best seller. It provides a safe and secure way to have your keys returned, without you having to reveal any of your personal information. Save money in replacement costs.

Your keyring tag comes with one month free cover, one month after activation.
DistroTag Luggage Tag

Luggage Tags

₦ 2,500

Conventional luggage tags could contain your name, number, and address; but, is that confidential and secure? Probably not!. If you’re travelling for business or pleasure, lost luggage will definitely ruin your trip! DistroTag protects your luggage from loss anywhere in the world. Most importantly, airport lost and found luggage departments can now easily contact DistroTag to let us know your luggage has been found. Let go of the frustration of losing your luggage and get back to enjoying their trip. Protect and identify your personal items today before they are gone forever tomorrow!

DistroTag will not ship any luggage/bags/parcels across country borders due to the uncertainty of the contents inside. DistroTag will notify the owner with the location of the lost item. DistroTag will also provide up to N30,000.00 NGN in compensation provided receipts are submitted from the owner showing shipping charges they incurred to get back their luggage, bags or parcels.

Your luggage tag comes with one month free cover, one month after activation.

Sticky Tags

₦ 1,500

Excellent for your favourite gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, cameras and much more. To most of us a mobile phone is more than just a device that calls people; it has become our life. Without it, we not only lose the ability to surf the net, email, take pictures or play our favorite game; we lose something we are emotionally and physically attached to.

DistroTag’s sticky tag brings back lost mobile phones to their rightful owners within 48 hours. With an over 70% recovery rate, you can be rest assured that if you do lose your mobile phone, there's a good chance you'll have it back. Protect and identify your mobile phone and devices today before it gets lost forever!

Your sticky tag comes with one month free cover, one month after activation.