DistroTag Assets Protection System

Digital Assets Protection System

As part of our assets management suite, DistroTag system offers real value to businesses by better protecting their assets with a robust lost and found system.

Why you need DAPS

Reduced Assets Loss

The cost of replacing assets can be significant. Get peace of mind knowing you've done everything possible to ensure a lost or misplaced item gets returned to you.

Reduced risk of data breach

Getting your assets returned ensures sensitive or confidential data is recovered.

Reduced risk of Business Interruption

Disruptions to workflows are minimised the quicker you can have lost or misplaced assets returned to you.


DistroTag keeps your corporate details secure. Your corporate identity will never be revealed to the finder, unless otherwise desired.

Flexible Management

You can manage your assets with a single email account or have your employees register their individual tags with their own email address.

Ongoing Support

DAPS is subscription-based, and ongoing customer support is included in all our corporate plans. We even supply replacement tags as you need them, based on the subscription type.
Recovery over
DistroTag solution makes the effort to get the original asset returned in order to protect and recover the information and data associated with the asset.
Protect your
Business Identity
DistroTag helps you reduce associated cost of replacing lost assets. Protect your business data by increasing the chance of having lost items returned.