About DistroTag

Nigeria's First Item Recovery Service

DistroTag™ is Nigeria's first Item Recovery service which helps reconnect lost items with their rightful owners. With a very high recovery rate, DistroTag helps identify and protect all types of portable items ranging from keys, mobile phones, laptops to luggage and even pets. The system is simple, convenient, confidential and rewarding!

DistroTags are a unique serially-numbered, contact tag system that aids in the recovery of missing items to their original owners. Some tag designs also come with QR codes. Use DistroTags to protect your valuables even more. If lost, a finder can either contact DistroTag via any of the provided channels for free, or scan the DistroTag with a QR Code Reader from any smart phone to return it to its owner.

These are our most popular tags. They can be attached to the most commonly misplaced items like keys, dongles, wallets, and so on.
They are flat sticker-type tags that can be attached to devices such as phones, tablets, or laptops.
These are specifically designed for travellers and their luggages. They ensure your luggage can always be returned to you if it goes missing.

Benefits of DistroTag

Light-weight and Unintrusive

Negligible weight added to your portable valuables; you'd forget they're there.

No Batteries Required

Unlike other lost and found techie solutions, you never have to worry about flat batteries and no power, so your valuable stay protected.

Smartphone not required

If the finder doesn't have a smartphone, they can simply call the DistroTag Service Number, send an email, or enter the unique DistroTag ID into the DistroTag website.

Secure and Confidential

DistroTags keep your personal details secure and confidential. DistroTag also offers subscription service that allows for collection on your behalf and delivery to your chosen address.

No borders

DistroTags are not bound by any country, so no matter who finds your valuables, or where, you have every chance of getting them back. DistroTags are the essential travel accessory.

One Account, many Tags

You can tag as many items as you want. There is no limit to the number of DistroTag products you can associate with an account.
Seun Famoroti, Skye Bank

People can now have more confidence when their items stand a higher chance of being returned when they get missing. DistroTag is bridging that gap and encouraging good values. Get your Tag!